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Kimberly Morgan Newton 

President and CoFounder Voltz Lightning LLC, dedicated to our mission to Energize, Encourage and Enable Health Lifestyles!


Coach Kimberly is an Independent Beachbody Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and passionate about group fitness. She enjoys participating in group fitness, biking, cooking and travel (sometimes tennis as a special treat). There is joy to be found in helping others succeed on their journey to fitness.


Coaching Philosophy:

My focus is on the needs of my clients. Our mission, to Energize, Encourage & Enable a Healthy Lifestyle is more than just a phrase; it is my goal for each client on an individual basis. Together we set reasonable, achievable goals and focus on making the progressive steps towards success.


Coaching experience:

2 years as an Independent Beachbody Coach



Masters of Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Laboratory Medicine

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

PiYo Certified Instructor – Pro Team

P90X Live Certified Instructor – Pro Team

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